McAfee Missions is a family run mission dedicated to spreading the Gospel in Brazil and throughout the world. 


Dale McAfee found his call to missions while studying agriculture as a young man in a Kansas farming community. In the course of his studies he found opposition to his Christian values so he decided to attend the bible college across the street in order learn how to defend his faith. During the course of his study God took a hold of his heart and filled him with passion for sharing the gospel around the world. Soon Dale and his young family would move to Brazil and establish their mission there. Dale began using his farming experience to help the locals with their crops. Through this practical show of love Dale and his family were able to lead many to Christ. Now over fifty years later the work God began in a small agriculture school in Kansas is being continued by a second and third generation in the U.S. Brazil and around the world.


The Work Today

In 1997 Philip McAfee returned to Brazil with his family to establish the Sobradinho Christian Church in a growing community just outside the Brazilian capitol. Through the support of a network of Christian churches in the united states and other partners the Sobradinho Christian Church has been able to establish itself as a cornerstone of its community. The church property is used to serve the local community and share the gospel in a variety of ways. In addition to the church services and offices there the church hosts a daycare which aims to provide service to families who otherwise could not afford childcare. Furthermore the church has a deep partnership with a nearby bible college in Brasilia. Today the church is seeking to expand through an exciting new building project and by sponsoring local Bible College students.

“Let the children come to me. Do not hinder them. For the Kingdom of God belongs to those such as these.”

— Jesus Christ, Matthew 19:14


After completing some research into the local community McAfee Missions began to provide desperately needed daycare services for the young children in their community. The Creche Talita Cumi daycare project is administered by Tabita McAfee. The daycare provides a Christian non-profit school for children whose families  otherwise would not be able to afford it. The children which this daycare services live in extremely difficult circumstances. The unemployment rate of their region hovers around twenty five percent. In many homes a parent is absent or both parents work leaving siblings in charge of each other. These factors lead to widespread issues with substance abuse and gang activity. By providing a safe, affordable place for children to play and to learn, we not only invest in their present and future prosperity but that of their whole family.


Get Involved

If you feel lead to partner with us in sharing the love of Christ to the people of Brazil, there are a variety of ways that you can. In addition to monetary support we have a few great options which allow anyone with an interest to aid this mission. Learn more by following the link below.